EUROPA DONNA Organisation – Board and Staff

The Executive board of EUROPA DONNA is elected by voting National Delegates at a General Assembly and consists of a maximum of nine members, three of whom must be breast cancer survivors.

Board Officers:

President: Roswitha Britz (Spain)
Roswitha was elected to the European Board of Europa Donna in 2012 and became Vice-President in 2014. She became President in January 2015. Roswitha is a breast cancer survivor and advocate. She has served in the Board of the Spanish Breast Cancer Federation, FECMA since 2004 and is currently its President. She is also co-founder of the Menorca Breast Cancer Group ALBA. Roswitha has experience in marketing, public relations and education.

Vice President: Evi Papadopoulos (Cyprus)
A breast cancer survivor of 29 years, Evi has been actively involved in breast cancer advocacy for many years. She is a founding member of Europa Donna Cyprus and has served on its board since 2001. She is currently President of Europa Donna Cyprus. Evi has participated in many international breast cancer conferences and seminars, and is frequently a speaker on issues and concerns of women with metastatic breast cancer.

Board Members:

Treasurer: Mona Knotek-Roggenbauer (Austria)
Biba Dodeva (Macedonia)
Sema Erdem (Turkey)
Antonella Moreo (Italy)
Olivia Pagani (Switzerland)
Ene Tomberg (Estonia)

Chief Executive Officer and Staff:

Susan Knox – Chief Executive Officer - Susan Knox is a two time breast cancer survivor and has been CEO of Europa Donna- The European Breast Cancer Coalition (ED) since 1999. She is responsible for all on-going European advocacy initiatives in the areas of information, education and policy including Pan European advocacy conferences, meetings and information sessions at the European Parliament, European Breast Cancer Advocacy Training Courses, publications and websites. In 2008 she launched a European breast cancer prevention initiative – BREAST HEALTH DAY, (see website which now takes place annually. In addition, Ms. Knox represents ED on numerous other projects: BIG and MINDACT, AURORA trial Committees and European Breast Cancer Conferences (EBCC) and the newly set up European Commission Expert Group on Cancer Control. She is a speaker on patient advocacy at various international conferences and courses and has written widely on the subject. She also serves as advocacy editor of the scientific journal The Breast.

Karen Benn – Deputy CEO/ Head of Public Affairs
Barbara Klein – Communications Officer
Daniela Pirisi – Events and Administration Officer
Paige Robinson – Development Officer

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Tel: +39 02 3659 2280
Fax: +39 02 3659 2284