National all party groups on breast cancer

All-party parliamentary groups on breast cancer in Europe

National All-Party Parliamentary Groups on Breast Cancer

All-Party Parliamentary Groups on Breast Cancer have been established in a number of EU Member States. Their aim is to unite Members of Parliament, peers and other key players from the political arena in a non-partisan setting to discuss issues of concern and bring them before the Government and policy makers. Comprised of members of the government, the opposition and other parties, the groups serve to air all ideas and to make politicians aware of the needs of women with breast cancer. The groups hold regular meetings, often with eminent speakers, organise awareness campaigns, and generally work to promote policy improvements at a national or regional level.

There are currently All-Party Parliamentary Groups on Breast Cancer in five countries, Belgium, Italy, Latvia, Portugal and the United Kingdom. Please click on the countries listed below for more information.

National All-Party Group Meetings
Meeting in the Belgian Senate 18 October 2006