We are the European Breast Cancer Coalition

We are the European Breast Cancer Coalition

We are the European Breast Cancer Coalition, with 47 EU and Extra-EU member countries

Europa Donna is an independent non-profit organisation whose members are affiliated groups from countries throughout Europe.

The Coalition works to raise awareness of breast cancer and to mobilise the support of European women in pressing for improved breast cancer education, appropriate screening, optimal treatment and increased funding for research.

Europa Donna represents the interests of European women regarding breast cancer to local and national authorities as well as to institutions of the European Union.

Public Affairs and Advocacy

After decades of dedication, Europa Donna has secured a place at the table for European Parliament activities and works hand-in-hand with Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).

In time, this direct involvement has extended to the European Commission, which led to EUROPA DONNA actively cooperating in developing and regularly updating the ECIBC Guidelines and Quality Assurance Scheme.

In addition to this direct collaboration, Europa Donna partners with European-level organisations and initiatives which aim at maintaining breast cancer issues high on the agenda and duly addressed by all EU institutions.

News & Events