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Press Release 26 March 2014- 20th Anniversary Celebration EBCC 9

EUROPA DONNA – THE EUROPEAN BREAST CANCER COALITION CELEBRATES 20 YEARS AT THE 9TH EUROPEAN BREAST CANCER CONFERENCE EUROPA DONNA – The European Breast Cancer Coalition marked 20 years as Europe’s breast cancer advocacy organisation at a reception held on 21 March at the 9th European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC9) in Glasgow, Scotland. Almost 100 EUROPA DONNA members and scientists from many of the Coalition’s 46 member countries attended and viewed the 20-year video produced for the occasion. It featured EUROPA DONNA’s Past Presidents, CEO and ED advocates from a wide range of member countries citing the strengths of the organisation, its history and its future priorities. “It was encouraging to see so many of our advocates and our scientific partners come together to mark the end of the conference by celebrating two decades of our advocacy work. It is also a celebration of everything we plan to achieve together so that women across Europe have equal access to high quality bre
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9th European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC-9)
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