Past events

14th EUROPA DONNA Pan-European Conference 26-27 October 2019-Vienna, Austria

To download the conference brochure click here 26-27 October 2019 Vienna-Austria 25 Years of European Breast Cancer Advocacy Is the title of this year’s conference and will give advocates an overview of advocacy progress over the years as well as provide updated information to help them improve breast services in their countries. Scientific experts will provide lectures on research, breast imaging, breast surgery, and what women with high genetic risk should know. Implementation of the ECIBC project will be covered as well as topics of interest to advocates such as return to work after breast cancer and dealing with long term effects of breast cancer treatment. Advocates will participate in workshops giving them practical guidance on managing long term survivorship, strategies for return to work, and how to advocate for implementation of the ECIBC nationally. Special networking groups for young women with breast cancer, women with metastatic breast cancer and women with high genetic ri
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