6 November 2019

Advocacy Training 2019

Advocacy Training 2019

EUROPA DONNA is delighted to announce that its 19th annual European Breast Cancer Advocacy Training course will take place 22-24 November 2019 in Milan, Italy.
The course will take 2.5 days and is open to 2 participants from each of EUROPA DONNA’s 47 member countries, who are nominated by their ED National Representative.
The course will cover various areas of importance to breast cancer advocates including diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, to learning effective communication and public speaking skills, lobbying techniques and media training.
Presentations are delivered by leading European experts under the following headings:
Scientific Module

  • Epidemiology, Prevention and Risk Factors
  • Basic Biology of Breast Cancer
  • Introduction to Europa Donna – The European Breast Cancer Coalition
  • Research and Clinical Trials
  • Diagnosis and Early Detection of Breast Cancer
  • Breast Cancer Pathology: what advocates need to know
  • Treatment of Breast Cancer: Surgery and Treatment options
  • Implementing the ECIBC – European Commission Initiative on Breast Cancer
  • Mammography Screening Guidelines and EUREF Certification in Europe
  • Pyscho-Social services for Breast Cancer: what should we advocate for?
  • Advocacy and Lobbying – definitions and methods
  • Workshops on Advocacy and Lobbying – strategies and successes

Communications Module

  • Communications Skills training
  • Handling the media
  • Assertiveness techniques
  • Formal presentations

If you are interested in attending, please contact your forum’s National Representative who can give you all the details.