Past events

EUROPA DONNA MBC Advocacy Webinar 2021

EUROPA DONNA – The European Breast Cancer Coalition is dedicated to giving people with metastatic breast cancer the tools to advocate for best practices that address the unique needs of those living with the disease. We are pleased to announce that Europa Donna will hold a MBC Advocacy Webinar 18-19 June 2021. The webinar will be open to approximately 30 MBC advocates. Building on our past conferences and trainings, we feel that it is important to hold this webinar to ensure the development of advocacy activities on behalf of women with MBC. Eligible participants should either be a breast cancer advocate who has MBC or an advocate who does not have MBC but is currently conducting MBC advocacy programmes through a European breast cancer advocacy organisation. This person must not have attended the 1st MBC Advocacy Conference in 2017, MBC Training in 2018 or the MBC webinar in 2020 where the MBC Advocacy/Communications skills training module was offered. The MBC Advocacy webinar will tak
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