Constitution & Policies

EUROPA DONNA – The European Breast Cancer Coalition (“ED” or the “Coalition”) is an independent non-profit organisation whose goals and aims are safeguarded by its constitution.

Europa Donna Sponsorship Policy

Europa Donna has audited annual financial statements that are prepared by an independent outside auditor. The following policy pertaining to sponsorship and/or other sources of funding is intended to safeguard the totally independent and autonomous voice of ED on breast cancer issues. ED aims at remaining a strong and dynamic Coalition that seeks to access women across Europe, in all its country Fora, working at National and European level through information, education and lobbying. In order for ED to carry out the mandate of its constitution it needs to:

  1. be independent in its voice
  2. have this voice travel to many platforms

For these reasons, ED needs to ensure that necessary financial support is found through sponsorship and funding which maintains ED’s independence and in addition, looks toward opening channels of communication and partnerships which spread the goals of the Coalition.

The Coalition will also secure its independence by obtaining sponsorship and funding from multiple sources so as not to designate or elevate any source to the position where either directly or indirectly it could control the ability of the Coalition to serve its cause properly. All sponsors must be aware of the policy set out by the Executive Board of the Coalition that relates to funding of the Coalition’s projects/activities.

The Executive Board evaluates all propositions for funding brought to the Board by the Executive Director based on the following criteria:

  • funding from multiple sources is ensured
  • funds are used at the discretion of the Executive Board of the Coalition
  • all activities / projects are within the mandate of the Constitution of the Coalition
  • any sources of funding that are deemed questionable or that attempt to exert coercion on the Coalition shall be rejected

In general, Europa Donna receives funds from the following sources:

  1. Member fees: each national forum is asked to pay annual dues, currently between 500 and 750 euros (depending on annual income)
  2. Conference fees
  3. Funds from non-governmental sources i.e. non-profit foundations
  4. Funds from the European Commission and/or other European entities (NGO’s)
  5. Funds from Industry

Other than dues paid all other funds received are provided for specific Europa Donna Projects which are outlined in project proposals developed annually by the Coalition.

Relationships with industry sponsors:

The principles behind the policy involve the promotion of clear and transparent procedures and communications in order to ensure good relationships with industry to the common benefit of both. Funds received from industry are accepted on the following basis:

  1. ED accepts funds for projects and activities it is undertaking as unrestricted grants and over which ED has total and complete control. The sponsor has no input on content or methodology of any such project or undertaking.
  2. ED will acknowledge substantial sponsor support in its newsletters, its website and on its conference material using a general statement such as “ED gratefully acknowledges XYZ company for their support of this project or conference” (The logo(s) of the sponsors may follow this acknowledgement).
  3. ED will not endorse, acknowledge, or promote any product or service provided by any company or sponsor. At no time can the Coalition’s logo be used by another organisation without explicit written permission.
  4. Europa Donna’s name will not be used to endorse or promote an industry product either before, during or after a project and acceptance of funding by ED should not be presented by the industry as endorsement or promotion of any product and/or company.
  5. ED will not accept funds from any organisation whose business philosophy is considered unacceptable by the Coalition or whose affiliation could in any way damage the reputation of the Coalition.

Projects initiated by industry:

It is recognised that important awareness-raising and educational events may also be developed by industry for breast cancer advocacy. The following policy shall apply to these types of activities:

  1. ED will participate in such projects initiated by sponsors on a case- by-case basis with approval of the Executive Board. ED may work with the Public Relations company designated by the firm but only after agreement on this has first been decided with the company itself. Substantial lead time must be available to enable ED to obtain necessary Board approvals for these projects. It is not acceptable to ED for sponsors to undertake a sponsor related initiative at any conference organised by ED without prior agreement with ED.
  2. The Europa Donna logo shall not be used by a company in any of its invitations or publicity for the project.
  3. At these events, the use of ED’s logo, display items, and/or ED materials shall be directed by the ED Head Office.
  4. ED shall be consulted in advance concerning the programme / project and must give its approval on any material which mentions ED in any connection whatsoever.
  5. Any press releases or other communications that express ED’s views or quote ED members must be approved in advance by the ED Head Office.

Milan 16 May 2004
EUROPA DONNA gratefully acknowledges EPHA and ECPC whose policies on this subject helped in the preparation of this document.