Policy on Transparency
As transparency has become important in our relationships with both our industry sponsors and governmental bodies, EUROPA DONNA has implemented the following transparency policy, which is consistent with the European Health Forum’s Transparency Policy.

Finances, Sources, Budget and Accounts
Information about finances, sources, budget and accounts shall be made public for whoever wants to consult it, provided that data protection for individuals is respected.

Budget and accounts – The organisation shall publish its annual account and its expected budget at least six months after the endorsement by the General Assembly. The use of generic categories of income and expenditures shall be avoided.

Sources of funding – The organisation should disclose its sources of funding both private and public by providing the name of the public and private funders, as well as the purpose of the funding. Financial contribution in terms of sums received and percentage of the organisation budget shall also be precise.

Work Programme
The organisation shall publish an annual report on the activities undertaken, as well as a work programme. As a general rule, the activities of the organisation shall be publicly available, accurate and updated on a regular basis. The activities of the organisation shall precise the main institutional targets, relationship with public and private partners.