Breast Health Day 2012 Press Pelease

15 October – Breast Health Day:
Join the 2012 Campaign ‘Make Good Choices For Your Breast Health’
Thousands of women globally have already committed to this annual initiative for breast health.

Thousands of women around the world have already joined the 2012 Breast Health Day Campaign “Make Good Choices For Your Breast Health” via major social networks in the run up to Breast Health Day on 15 October. This year’s campaign continues to encourage girls and women around the world to commit to daily healthy lifestyle choices that can make the difference in the future of their breast health.

A growing body of evidence shows the link between healthy lifestyle choices and a lower risk of developing breast cancer.1 According to these studies, excess body weight and physical inactivity deserve special attention, since they account for 25-33 percent of all breast cancer cases.1As a result, being active, eating a well balanced diet and avoiding weight gain are three simple but crucial lifestyle choices that can positively impact the future of a woman’s breast health.

“Not enough women around the world are aware of the importance of lifestyle choices for their breast health. Studies from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) have shown that a third of all breast cancer cases can be prevented in Europe. That would mean that 148,600 of the 450,332 new cases of breast cancer each year in Europe could be prevented,2” said Susan Knox, Executive Director of EUROPA DONNA – The European Breast Cancer Coalition. “Through our Breast Health Day 2012 campaign ‘Make Good Choices For Your Breast Health,’we are hoping to make as many women as possible more aware about prevention so they can make the healthy choices that can help prevent breast cancer.”

Breast Health Day 2012 campaign features

This year’s campaign features an entertaining animated video encouraging women to make a variety of healthy choices. It encourages women to live a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and eating a healthy diet and to join the Breast Health Day 2012 Campaign. The video is available on the Breast Health Day website and sharable via social networks. To ensure that the video will be used and shared by women around the world, a final frame has been added to the video with this year’s slogan ‘For Your Breast Health’ translated into 27 languages.

This year women around the world got personally involved in the campaign through a web application on the Breast Health Day website. They made personal pledges for their breast health and shared them through their social networks. A tag cloud on features the pledges of those who joined the campaign and today the tag cloud has been added to the campaign video. This way everyone participates directly and plays a personal role in the Breast Health Day campaign.

EUROPA DONNA is sharing a series of video messages on and on YouTube to spread information and scientific data about breast cancer prevention and the importance of healthy lifestyle choices. These messages feature international epidemiologist Isabelle Romieu, Head of the Section of Nutrition and Metabolism at the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer). In addition, Breast Health Day activities are being held in many of Europa Donna’s 46 member countries as well as other countries around the world.

All visitors to the campaign website are being tracked on a global map to show how breast health awareness is growing around the world on Breast Health Day. Further information about lifestyle choices that can help future breast health are available via the Breast Health Day social networking channels on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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Notes to editors

About Breast Health Day
EUROPA DONNA – The European Breast Cancer Coalition established Breast Health Day on 15 October as an annual event to remind girls and women in Europe about the importance of lifestyle factors that can influence their future breast health and help prevent breast cancer and about the role of early detection in fighting breast cancer

EUROPA DONNA – The European Breast Cancer Coalition is a non-profit organisation representing the interests of European women regarding breast cancer to local and national authorities and to institutions of the European Union; the Coalition has affiliated member groups in 46 European countries.

EUROPA DONNA is committed to mobilise women and advocate for

  • Improved breast cancer education
  • Early detection through mammography screening programmes conducted according to the European guidelines for quality assurance in breast cancer screening and diagnosis
  • Optimal treatment and care for breast cancer


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